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Bonnin, L.; Lett, C.; Dagorn, L.; Filmalter, J.D.; Forget, F.; Verley, P.; Capello, M. Can drifting objects drive the movements of a vulnerable pelagic shark? 2020
Dagorn, L.; Filmalter, J.D.; Forget, F.; Amandè, M.J.; Hall, M.A.; Williams, P.; Murua, H.; Ariz, J.; Chavance, P.; Bez, N. Targeting bigger schools can reduce ecosystem impacts of fisheries 2012 69 1463-1467
Escalle, L.; Murua, H.; Amande, J.M.; Arregui, I.; Chavance, P.; Delgado de Molina, A.; Gaertner, D.; Fraile, I.; Filmalter, J.D.; Santiago, J.; Forget, F.; Arrizabalaga, H.; Dagorn, L.; Mérigot, B. Post-capture survival of whale sharks encircled in tuna purse-seine nets: tagging and safe release methods 2016 25 433-447
Filmalter, J.D.; Capello, M.; Deneubourg, J.-L.; Cowley, P.D.; Dagorn, L. Looking behind the curtain: quantifying massive shark mortality in fish aggregating devices 2013 11 291-296
Filmalter, J.D.; Cowley, P.D.; Potier, M.; Menard, F.; Smale, M.J.; Cherel, Y.; Dagorn, L. Feeding ecology of silky sharks Carcharhinus falciformis associated with floating objects in the western Indian Ocean 2017 90 1321-1337