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Bertrand, A.; Grados, D.; Colas, F.; Bertrand, S.; Capet, X.; Chaigneau, A.; Vargas, G.; Mousseigne, A.; Fablet, R. Broad impacts of fine-scale dynamics on seascape structure from zooplankton to seabirds 2014 5
Bertrand, S.; Joo, R.; Fablet, R. Generalized Pareto for Pattern-Oriented Random Walk Modelling of Organisms’ Movements 2015 10 e0132231
Fablet, R.; Chaigneau, A.; Bertrand, S. Multiscale analysis of geometric planar deformations : application to wild animal electronic tracking and satellite ocean observation data 2014 52 3627-3636
Fablet, R.; Gay, P.; Peraltilla, S.; Pena, C.; Castillo, R.; Bertrand, A. Bags-of-Features for fish school cluster characterization in pelagic ecosystems : application to the discrimination of juvenile and adult anchovy (Engraulis ringens) clusters off Peru 2012 69 1329-1339
FROMENTIN, J.-M.; ERNANDE, B.; FABLET, R.; DE PONTUAL, H. Importance and future of individual markers for the ecosystem approach to fisheries 2009 Aquatic Living Resources 22 395-408