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Audouit, C.; Pasqualini, V.; De Wit, R.; Flanquart, H.; Deboudt, P.; Rufin-Soler, C. Comparing social representation of water quality in coastal lagoons with normative use of ecological indicators 2019 101 137-146
de Beer, D.; Bissett, A.; De Wit, R.; Jonkers, H.; Kohler-Rink, S.; Nam, H.; Kim, B.H.; Eickert, G.; Grinstain, M. A microsensor for carbonate ions suitable for microprofiling in freshwater and saline environments 2008 6 532-541
De Junet, A.; Abril, G.; Guerin, F.; Billy, I.; De Wit, R. A multi-tracers analysis of sources and transfers of particulate organic matter in a tropical reservoir (petit saut, french guiana) 2009 25 253-271
DE WIT, R. Lake La Salada de Chiprana (NE Spain), an Example of an Athalassic Salt Lake in a Cultural Landscape 2016
De Wit, R. Microbial diversity in the Bassin d'Arcachon coastal lagoon (SW France) 2008 611 5-15