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Brunet, M.; Bettignies, F. de; Duff, N.L.; Tanguy, G.; Davoult, D.; Leblanc, C.; Gobet, A.; Thomas, F. Accumulation of detached kelp biomass in a subtidal temperate coastal ecosystem induces succession of epiphytic and sediment bacterial communities 2021
Migné, A.; Davoult, D.; Spilmont, N.; Ouisse, V.; Boucher, G. Spatial and temporal variability of CO 2 fluxes at the sediment–air interface in a tidal flat of a temperate lagoon (Arcachon Bay, France) 2016 109 13-19
Ouisse, V.; Riera, P.; Migne, A.; Leroux, C.; Davoult, D. Food web analysis in intertidal Zostera marina and Zostera noltii communities in winter and summer 2012 159 165-175