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Bijoux, J.P.; Dagorn, L.; Berke, G.; Cowley, P.D.; Soria, M.; Gaertner, J.C.; Robinson, J. Temporal dynamics, residency and site fidelity of spawning aggregations of a herbivorous tropical reef fish Siganus sutor 2013 475 233-247
Bijoux, J.P.; Dagorn, L.; Cowley, P.D.; Simier, M.; Adam, P.A.; Robinson, J. Spawning aggregation dynamics of brown-marbled grouper and camouflage grouper at a remote Indian Ocean atoll 2013 22 145-157
Bijoux, J.P.; Dagorn, L.; Gaertner, J.-C.; Cowley, P.D.; Robinson, J. The influence of natural cycles on coral reef fish movement implications for underwater visual census (UVC) surveys 2013 32 1135-1140
Filmalter, J.D.; Capello, M.; Deneubourg, J.-L.; Cowley, P.D.; Dagorn, L. Looking behind the curtain: quantifying massive shark mortality in fish aggregating devices 2013 11 291-296
Filmalter, J.D.; Cowley, P.D.; Potier, M.; Menard, F.; Smale, M.J.; Cherel, Y.; Dagorn, L. Feeding ecology of silky sharks Carcharhinus falciformis associated with floating objects in the western Indian Ocean 2017 90 1321-1337