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Bonnet, D.; Harris, R.P.; Yebra, L.; Guilhaumon, F.; Conway, D.V.P.; Hirst, A.G. Temperature effects on Calanus helgolandicus (Copepoda: Calanoida) development time and egg production 2009 31 31-44
Eloire, D.; Somerfield, P.J.; Conway, D.V.P.; Halsband-Lenk, C.; Harris, R.; Bonnet, D. Temporal variability and community composition of zooplankton at station L4 in the Western Channel: 20 years of sampling 2010 32 657-679
Highfield, J.M.; Eloire, D.; Conway, D.V.P.; Lindeque, P.K.; Attrill, M.J.; Somerfield, P.J. Seasonal dynamics of meroplankton assemblages at station L4 2010 32 681-691
Hirst, A.G.; Bonnet, D.; Conway, D.V.P.; Kiorboe, T. Female-biased sex ratios in marine pelagic copepods: Comment on Gusmao et al. (2013) 2013 489 297-298
Hirst, A.G.; Bonnet, D.; Conway, D.V.P.; Kiorboe, T. Does predation control adult sex ratios and longevities in marine pelagic copepods? 2010 55 2193-2206