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Callier, M.D.; Byron, C.J.; Bengtson, D.A.; Cranford, P.J.; Cross, S.F.; Focken, U.; Jansen, H.M.; Kamermans, P.; Kiessling, A.; Landry, T.; O'Beirn, F.; Petersson, E.; Rheault, R.B.; Strand, O.; Sundell, K.; Svasand, T.; Wikfors, G.H.; McKindsey, C.W. Attraction and repulsion of mobile wild organisms to finfish and shellfish aquaculture: a review 2018 10 924-949
Callier, M.D.; Lefebvre, S.; Dunagan, M.K.; Bataille, M.P.; Coughlan, J.; Crowe, T.P. Shift in benthic assemblages and organisms diet at salmon farms: community structure and stable isotope analyses 2013 483 153-167
Chary, K.; Aubin, J.; Sadoul, B.; Fiandrino, A.; Covès, D.; Callier, M.D. Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) and sea cucumber (Holothuria scabra): Assessing bioremediation and life-cycle impacts 2020 516 734621
Chary, K.; Callier, M.D.; Covès, D.; Aubin, J.; Simon, J.; Fiandrino, A. Scenarios of fish waste deposition at the sub-lagoon scale: a modelling approach for aquaculture zoning and site selection 2021
Chary, K.; Fiandrino, A.; Covès, D.; Aubin, J.; Falguière, J.-C.; Callier, M.D. Modeling sea cage outputs for data-scarce areas: application to red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) aquaculture in Mayotte, Indian Ocean 2019