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Ba, K.; Thiaw, M.; Lazar, N.; Sarr, A.; Brochier, T.; Ndiaye, I.; Faye, A.; Sadio, O.; Panfili, J.; Thiaw, O.T.; Brehmer, P. Resilience of Key Biological Parameters of the Senegalese Flat Sardinella to Overfishing and Climate Change 2016 11 e0156143
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Brochier, T.; Echevin, V.; Tam, J.; Chaigneau, A.; Goubanova, K.; Bertrand, A. Climate change scenarios experiments predict a future reduction in small pelagic fish recruitment in the Humboldt Current system 2013 19 1841-1853
Brochier, T.; Ecoutin, J.M.; de Morais, L.T.; Kaplan, D.M.; Lae, R. A multi-agent ecosystem model for studying changes in a tropical estuarine fish assemblage within a marine protected area 2013 26 147-158
Brochier, T.; Lett, C.; Freon, P. Investigating the “northern Humboldt paradox” from model comparisons of small pelagic reproductive strategies in eastern boundary upwelling ecosystems 2011 94-109