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Bauer, R.K.; Bonhommeau, S.; Brisset, B.; Fromentin, J.-M. Aerial surveys to monitor bluefin tuna abundance and track efficiency of management measures 2015 534 221-234
Bauer, R.K.; Fromentin, J.-M.; Demarcq, H.; Brisset, B.; Bonhommeau, S. Co-Occurrence and Habitat Use of Fin Whales, Striped Dolphins and Atlantic Bluefin Tuna in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea 2015 10 e0139218
BENHAIM, D.; BEGOUT, M.-L.; PEAN, S.; BRISSET, B.; LEGUAY, D.; CHATAIN, B. Effect of fasting on self-feeding activity in juvenile sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) 2012 136 63-73
Pethybridge, H.; BODIN, N.; Arsenault-Pernet, E.-J.; BOURDEIX, J.-H.; BRISSET, B.; BIGOT, J.-L.; ROOS, D.; Peter, M. Temporal and inter-specific variations in forage fish feeding conditions in the NW Mediterranean: lipid content and fatty acid compositional changes 2014 512 39-54
Sardenne, F.; Bodin, N.; Metral, L.; Crottier, A.; Le Grand, F.; Bideau, A.; Brisset, B.; Bourjea, J.; Saraux, C.; Bonhommeau, S.; Kerzérho, V.; Bernard, S.; Rouyer, T. Effects of extraction method and storage of dry tissue on marine lipids and fatty acids 2019 1051 82-93