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Bouchez, A.; Pascault, N.; Chardon, C.; Bouvy, M.; Cecchi, P.; Lambs, L.; Herteman, M.; Fromard, F.; Got, P.; Leboulanger, C. Mangrove microbial diversity and the impact of trophic contamination 2013 66 39-46
Larras, F.; Rimet, F.; Gregorio, V.; Bérard, A.; Leboulanger, C.; Montuelle, B.; Bouchez, A. Pollution-induced community tolerance (PICT) as a tool for monitoring Lake Geneva long-term in situ ecotoxic restoration from herbicide contamination 2016 23 4301-4311
Leboulanger, C.; Bouvy, M.; Carré, C.; Cecchi, P.; Amalric, L.; Bouchez, A.; Pagano, M.; Sarazin, G. Comparison of the effects of two herbicides and an insecticide on tropical freshwater plankton in microcosms 2011 61 599-613