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Blondeau-Bidet, E.; Bossus, M.; Maugars, G.; Farcy, E.; Lignot, J.-H.; Lorin-Nebel, C. Molecular characterization and expression of Na+/K+-ATPase α1 isoforms in the European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax osmoregulatory tissues following salinity transfer 2016 42 1647-1664
Bossus, M.; Charmantier, G.; Blondeau-Bidet, E.; Valletta, B.; Boulo, V.; Lorin-Nebel, C. The ClC-3 chloride channel and osmoregulation in the European Sea Bass, Dicentrarchus labrax 2013 183 641-662
Bossus, M.; Charmantier, G.; Lorin-Nebel, C. Transient receptor potential vanilloid 4 in the European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax: A candidate protein for osmosensing 2011 160 43-51
Riou, V.; Ndiaye, A.; Budzinski, H.; Dugue, R.; Le Menach, K.; Combes, Y.; Bossus, M.; Durand, J.D.; Charmantier, G.; Lorin-Nebel, C. Impact of environmental DDT concentrations on gill adaptation to increased salinity in the tilapia Sarotherodon melanotheron 2012 156 7-16
Sucre, E.; Bossus, M.; Bodinier, C.; Boulo, V.; Charmantier, G.; Charmantier-Daures, M.; Cucchi, P. Osmoregulatory response to low salinities in the European sea bass embryos: a multi-site approach 2013 183 83-97