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Ayón, P.; Swartzman, G.; Bertrand, A.; Gutiérrez, M.; Bertrand, S. Zooplankton and forage fish species off Peru: Large-scale bottom-up forcing and local-scale depletion 2008 79 208-214
Barbraud, C.; Bertrand, A.; Bouchón, M.; Chaigneau, A.; Delord, K.; Demarcq, H.; Gimenez, O.; Torero, M.G.; Gutiérrez, D.; Oliveros‐Ramos, R.; Passuni, G.; Tremblay, Y.; Bertrand, S. Density dependence, prey accessibility and prey depletion by fisheries drive Peruvian seabird population dynamics 2018 41 1092-1102
Bertrand, A.; Gerlotto, F.; Bertrand, S.; Gutiérrez, M.; Alza, L.; Chipollini, A.; Díaz, E.; Espinoza, P.; Ledesma, J.; Quesquén, R.; Peraltilla, S.; Chavez, F. Schooling behaviour and environmental forcing in relation to anchoveta distribution: An analysis across multiple spatial scales 2008 79 264-277
Bertrand, A.; Grados, D.; Colas, F.; Bertrand, S.; Capet, X.; Chaigneau, A.; Vargas, G.; Mousseigne, A.; Fablet, R. Broad impacts of fine-scale dynamics on seascape structure from zooplankton to seabirds 2014 5
Bertrand, S.; Dewitte, B.; Tam, J.; Díaz, E.; Bertrand, A. Impacts of Kelvin wave forcing in the Peru Humboldt Current system: Scenarios of spatial reorganizations from physics to fishers 2008 79 278-289