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Coll, M.; Cury, P.; Azzurro, E.; Bariche, M.; Bayadas, G.; Bellido, J.M.; Chaboud, C.; Claudet, J.; Sayed, A.F.E.; Gascuel, D.; Knittweis, L.; Pipitone, C.; Samuel-Rhoads, Y.; Taleb, S.; Tuleda, S.; Valls, A. The scientific strategy needed to promote a regional ecosystem-based approach to fisheries in the Mediterranean and Black Seas 2013 23 415-434
Corrales, X.; Coll, M.; Tecchio, S.; Bellido, J.M.; Fernández, Á.M.; Palomera, I. Ecosystem structure and fishing impacts in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea using a food web model within a comparative approach 2015 148 183-199
Navarro, J.; Cardador, L.; Fernández, Á.M.; Bellido, J.M.; Coll, M. Differences in the relative roles of environment, prey availability and human activity in the spatial distribution of two marine mesopredators living in highly exploited ecosystems 2016 43 440-450
Navarro, J.; Coll, M.; Cardador, L.; Fernández, Á.M.; Bellido, J.M. The relative roles of the environment, human activities and spatial factors in the spatial distribution of marine biodiversity in the Western Mediterranean Sea 2015 131 126-137
Pennino, M.G.; Bellido, J.M.; Conesa, D.; Coll, M.; Tortosa-Ausina, E. The analysis of convergence in ecological indicators: An application to the Mediterranean fisheries 2017 78 449-457