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Casiot, C.; Egal, M.; Elbaz-Poulichet, F.; Bruneel, O.; Bancon-Montigny, C.; Cordier, M.A.; Gomez, E.; Aliaume, C. Hydrological and geochemical control of metals and arsenic in a Mediterranean river contaminated by acid mine drainage (the Amous River, France) ; preliminary assessment of impacts on fish ( Leuciscus cephalus ) 2009 24 787-799
Derolez, V.; Bec, B.; Munaron, D.; Fiandrino, A.; Pete, R.; Simier, M.; Souchu, P.; Laugier, T.; Aliaume, C.; Malet, N. Recovery trajectories following the reduction of urban nutrient inputs along the eutrophication gradient in French Mediterranean lagoons 2019 171 1-10
Derolez, V.; Malet, N.; Fiandrino, A.; Lagarde, F.; Richard, M.; Ouisse, V.; Bec, B.; Aliaume, C. Fifty years of ecological changes: Regime shifts and drivers in a coastal Mediterranean lagoon during oligotrophication 2020 139292
Derolez, V.; Soudant, D.; Malet, N.; Chiantella, C.; Richard, M.; Abadie, E.; Aliaume, C.; Bec, B. Two decades of oligotrophication: Evidence for a phytoplankton community shift in the coastal lagoon of Thau (Mediterranean Sea, France) 2020 106810
Diouf, K.; Guilhaumon, F.; Aliaume, C.; Ndiaye, P.; Do Chi, T.; Panfili, J. Effects of the environment on fish juvenile growth in West African stressful estuaries 2009 83 115-125