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Accolla, C.; Nerini, D.; Maury, O.; Poggiale, J.-C. Analysis of functional response in presence of schooling phenomena: An IBM approach 2015 134 232-243
Alegre, A.; Bertrand, A.; Espino, M.; Espinoza, P.; Dioses, T.; Ñiquen, M.; Navarro, I.; Simier, M.; Ménard, F. Diet diversity of jack and chub mackerels and ecosystem changes in the northern Humboldt Current system: A long-term study 2015 137, Part A 299-313
Aristegui, J.; Barton, E.D.; Alvarez-Salgado, X.A.; Santos, A.M.P.; Figueiras, F.G.; Kifani, S.; Hernandez-Leon, S.; Mason, E.; Machu, E.; Demarcq, H. Sub-regional ecosystem variability in the Canary Current upwrelling 2009 83 33-48
Ayón, P.; Swartzman, G.; Bertrand, A.; Gutiérrez, M.; Bertrand, S. Zooplankton and forage fish species off Peru: Large-scale bottom-up forcing and local-scale depletion 2008 79 208-214
Ballon, M.; Bertrand, A.; Dhaussy, A.L.; Gutierrez, M.; Ayon, P.; Grados, D.; Gerlotto, F. Is there enough zooplankton to feed forage fish populations off Peru ? An acoustic (positive) answer 2011 91 360-381