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Aires, T.; Serrão, E.A.; Kendrick, G.; Duarte, C.M.; Arnaud-Haond, S. Invasion Is a Community Affair: Clandestine Followers in the Bacterial Community Associated to Green Algae, Caulerpa racemosa, Track the Invasion Source 2013 8
Hattab, T.; Ben Rais Lasram, F.; Albouy, C.; Sammari, C.; Romdhane, M.S.; Cury, P.; Leprieur, F.; Le Loc’h, F. The Use of a Predictive Habitat Model and a Fuzzy Logic Approach for Marine Management and Planning 2013 8
Andrello, M.; Mouillot, D.; Beuvier, J.; Albouy, C.; Thuiller, W.; Manel, S. Low Connectivity between Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas: A Biophysical Modeling Approach for the Dusky Grouper Epinephelus marginatus 2013 8
McKenzie, D.J.; Estivales, G.; Svendsen, J.C.; Steffensen, J.F.; Agnese, J.-F. Local adaptation to altitude underlies divergent thermal physiology in tropical killifishes of the genus aphyosemion 2013 8
Dortel, E.; Massion-Granier, F.; Rivot, E.; Million, J.; Hallier, J.-P.; Morize, E.; Munaron, J.M.; Bousquet, N.; Chassot, E. Accounting for age uncertainty in growth modeling, the case study of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) of the Indian Ocean 2013 8