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Tremblay, Y.; Robinson, P.W.; Costa, D.P. A parsimonious approach to modeling animal movement data 2009 4
Canard, E.; Mouquet, N.; Marescot, L.; Gaston, K.J.; Gravel, D.; Mouillot, D. Emergence of Structural Patterns in Neutral Trophic Networks 2012 7
Alegre, A.; Ménard, F.; Tafur, R.; Espinoza, P.; Arguelles, J.; Maehara, V.; Flores, O.; Simier, M.; Bertrand, A. Comprehensive model of jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas trophic ecology in the Northern Humboldt Current System 2014 9
Tremblay, Y.; Thiebault, A.; Mullers, R.; Pistorius, P. Bird-borne video-cameras show that seabird movement patterns relate to previously unrevealed proximate environment, not prey 2014 9
Rocklin, D.; Tomasini, J.A.; Culioli, J.M.; Pelletier, D.; Mouillot, D. Spearfishing Regulation Benefits Artisanal Fisheries: The ReGS Indicator and Its Application to a Multiple-Use Mediterranean Marine Protected Area 2011 6