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Schwerdtner Máñez, K.; Holm, P.; Blight, L.; Coll, M.; MacDiarmid, A.; Ojaveer, H.; Poulsen, B.; Tull, M. The Future of the Oceans Past: Towards a Global Marine Historical Research Initiative 2014 9
Arnaud-Haond, S.; Moalic, Y.; Barnabé, C.; Ayala, F.J.; Tibayrenc, M. Discriminating Micropathogen Lineages and Their Reticulate Evolution through Graph Theory-Based Network Analysis: The Case of Trypanosoma cruzi, the Agent of Chagas Disease 2014 9
Hattab, T.; Ben Rais Lasram, F.; Albouy, C.; Sammari, C.; Romdhane, M.S.; Cury, P.; Leprieur, F.; Le Loc’h, F. The Use of a Predictive Habitat Model and a Fuzzy Logic Approach for Marine Management and Planning 2013 8
Grüss, A.; Kaplan, D.; Hart, D.R. Relative impacts of adult movement, larval dispersal and harvester movement on the effectiveness of reserve networks 2011 6
Trape, S. Impact of climate change on the relict tropical fish fauna of Central Sahara : threat for the survival of Adrar mountains fishes, Mauritania 2009 4