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Massol, F.; Altermatt, F.; Gounand, I.; Gravel, D.; Leibold, M.A.; Mouquet, N. How life-history traits affect ecosystem properties: effects of dispersal in meta-ecosystems 2017 126 532-546
Mouchet, M.; Guilhaumon, F.; Villeger, S.; Mason, N.W.H.; Tomasini, J.-A.; Mouillot, D. Towards a consensus for calculating dendrogram-based functional diversity indices 2008 117 794-800
Mouchet, M.A.; Burns, M.D.M.; Garcia, A.M.; Vieira, J.P.; Mouillot, D. Invariant scaling relationship between functional dissimilarity and co-occurrence in fish assemblages of the Patos Lagoon estuary (Brazil): environmental filtering consistently overshadows competitive exclusion 2013 122 247-257
Poulin, R.; Guilhaumon, F.; Randhawa, H.S.; Luque, J.L.; Mouillot, D. Identifying hotspots of parasite diversity from species-area relationships: host phylogeny versus host ecology 2011 120 740-747