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Fraser, S.E.M.; Dytham, C.; Mayhew, P.J.; Mouillot, D.; Anderson, B.J. Community structure in ichneumonid parasitoids at different spatial scales 2008 157 521-530
Krasnov, B.R.; Vinarski, M.V.; Korallo-Vinarskaya, N.P.; Mouillot, D.; Poulin, R. Inferring associations among parasitic gamasid mites from census data 2009 160 175-185
Matich, P.; Kiszka, J.J.; Heithaus, M.R.; Le Bourg, B.; Mourier, J. Inter-individual differences in ontogenetic trophic shifts among three marine predators 2019 189 621-636
Nogaro, G.; Mermillod-Blondin, F.; Valett, M.H.; Francois-Carcaillet, F.; Gaudet, J.P.; Lafont, M.; Gibert, J. Ecosystem engineering at the sediment-water interface: bioturbation and consumer-substrate interaction 2009 161 125-138
Soissons, L.M.; van Katwijk, M.M.; Li, B.; Han, Q.; Ysebaert, T.; Herman, P.M.J.; Bouma, T.J. Ecosystem engineering creates a new path to resilience in plants with contrasting growth strategies 2019 191 1015-1024