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ADJEROUD, M.; GUERECHEAU, A.; VIDAL-DUPIOL, J.; FLOT, J.-F.; ARNAUD-HAOND, S.; BONHOMME, F. Genetic diversity, clonality and connectivity in the scleractinian coral Pocillopora damicornis: a multi-scale analysis in an insular, fragmented reef system 2014 161 531-541
Anger, K.; Torres, G.; Charmantier-Daures, M.; Charmantier, G. Adaptive diversity in congeneric coastal crabs: Ontogenetic patterns of osmoregulation match life-history strategies in Armases spp (Decapoda, Sesarmidae) 2008 367 28-36
Arguelles, J.; Lorrain, A.; Cherel, Y.; Graco, M.; Tafur, R.; Alegre, A.; Espinoza, P.; Taipe, A.; Ayon, P.; Bertrand, A. Tracking habitat and resource use for the jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas : a stable isotope analysis in the Northern Humboldt Current System 2012 159 2105-2116
Blel, H.; Panfili, J.; Guinand, B.; Berrebi, P.; Said, K.; Durand, J.-D. Selection footprint at the first intron of the Prl gene in natural populations of the flathead mullet ( Mugil cephalus , L. 1758) 2010 387 60-67
Boavida-Portugal, J.; Rosa, R.; Calado, R.; Pinto, M.; Boavida-Portugal, I.; Araujo, M.B.; Guilhaumon, F. Climate change impacts on the distribution of coastal lobsters 2018 165