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Lagarde, F.; ROQUE D'ORBCASTEL, E.; Ubertini, M.; Mortreux, S.; Bernard, I.; Fiandrino, A.; Chiantella, C.; Bec, B.; Roques, C.; Bonnet, D.; Miron, G.; Richard, M.; Pouvreau, S.; Lett C. Recruitment of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas in a shellfish-exploited Mediterranean lagoon: discovery, driving factors and a favorable environmental window 2017 578 1-17
Bouchoucha, M.; Darnaude, A.M.; Gudefin, A.; Neveu, R.; VerdoitJarraya, M.; Boissery, P.; Lenfant, P. Potential use of marinas as nursery grounds by rocky fishes: insights from four Diplodus species in the Mediterranean 2016 547 193-209
Morfin, M.; Bez, N.; Fromentin, J.M. Habitats of ten demersal species in the Gulf of Lions and potential implications for spatial management 2016 547 219-232
Duarte, L.; Rossi, F.; Docal, C.; Viejo, R.M. Effects of alga Fucus serratus decline on benthic assemblages and trophic linkages at its retreating southern range edge 2015 527 87-103
Mostajir, B; Roques, C; Bouvier, C; Bouvier, T; Fouilland, E; Got, P; Le Floc'h, E; Nouguier, J; Mas, S; Semper, R; Sime, Ngando T; Troussellier, M; Vidussi, F Microbial food web structural and functional responses to oyster and fish as top predators 2015 535 11-27