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Robert, M.; Dagorn, L.; Filmalter, J.D.; Deneubourg, J.L.; Itano, D.; Holland, K. Intra-individual behavioral variability displayed by tuna at fish aggregating devices (FADs) 2013 484 239-247
Ottersen, G.; Stige, L.C.; Durant, J.M.; Chan, K.S.; Rouyer, T.A.; Drinkwater, K.F.; Stenseth, N.C. Temporal shifts in recruitment dynamics of North Atlantic fish stocks: effects of spawning stock and temperature 2013 480 205-225
Hjermann, D.; Fisher, J.A.D.; Rouyer, T.; Frank, K.T.; Stenseth, N.C. Spatial analysis of North Sea cod recruitment: concurrent effects of changes in spawning stock biomass, temperature and herring abundance 2013 480 263-275
Durant, J.M.; Hidalgo, M.; Rouyer, T.; Hjermann, D.; Ciannelli, L.; Eikeset, A.M.; Yaragina, N.; Stenseth, N.C. Population growth across heterogeneous environments: effects of harvesting and age structure 2013 480 277-287
Duarte, L.; Rossi, F.; Docal, C.; Viejo, R.M. Effects of alga Fucus serratus decline on benthic assemblages and trophic linkages at its retreating southern range edge 2015 527 87-103