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Hjermann, D.; Fisher, J.A.D.; Rouyer, T.; Frank, K.T.; Stenseth, N.C. Spatial analysis of North Sea cod recruitment: concurrent effects of changes in spawning stock biomass, temperature and herring abundance 2013 480 263-275
Hidalgo, M.; Rouyer, T.; Molinero, J.C.; Massut, E.; Moranta, J.; Guijarro, B.; Stenseth, N.C. Synergistic effects of fishing-induced demographic changes and climate variation on fish population dynamics 2011 426 1-12
Filmalter, J.; Cowley, P.; Forget, F.; Dagorn, L. Fine-scale 3-dimensional movement behaviour of silky sharks Carcharhinus falciformis associated with fish aggregating devices (FADs) 2015 539 207-223
Escalle, L.; Capietto, A.; Chavance, P.; Dubroca, L.; Molina, A.D.D.; Murua, H.; Gaertner, D.; Romanov, E.; Spitz, J.; Kiszka, J.J.; Floch, L.; Damiano, A.; Mérigot, B. Cetaceans and tuna purse seine fisheries in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans: interactions but few mortalities 2015 522 255-268
Durant, J.M.; Hidalgo, M.; Rouyer, T.; Hjermann, D.; Ciannelli, L.; Eikeset, A.M.; Yaragina, N.; Stenseth, N.C. Population growth across heterogeneous environments: effects of harvesting and age structure 2013 480 277-287