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Espinoza, P.; Lorrain, A.; Ménard, F.; Cherel, Y.; Tremblay-Boyer, L.; Argüelles, J.; Tafur, R.; Bertrand, S.; Tremblay, Y.; Ayón, P.; Munaron, J.-M.; Richard, P.; Bertrand, A. Trophic structure in the northern Humboldt Current system: new perspectives from stable isotope analysis 2017 164 86
Fouilland, E.; Mostajir, B.; Torréton, J.-P.; Bouvy, M.; Got, P.; Le Floc'h, E.; Nouguier, J.; Charrière, B.; Sempéré, R.; Vidussi, F. Microbial carbon and nitrogen production under experimental conditions combining warming with increased ultraviolet-B radiation in Mediterranean coastal waters 2013 439 47-53
Lindeque, P.K.; Boyer, S.; Bonnet, D. A molecular method for the identification of resting eggs of acartiid copepods in the Thau lagoon, France 2013 160 737-742
Lopez, J.; Moreno, G.; Ibaibarriaga, L.; Dagorn, L. Diel behaviour of tuna and non-tuna species at drifting fish aggregating devices (DFADs) in the Western Indian Ocean, determined by fishers’ echo-sounder buoys 2017 164 44
Marques, R.; Cantou, M.; Soriano, S.; Molinero, J.-C.; Bonnet, D. Mapping distribution and habitats of Aurelia sp. polyps in Thau lagoon, north-western Mediterranean Sea (France) 2015 162 1441-1449