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Wang, T.; Lefevre, S.; Iversen, N.K.; Findorf, I.; Buchanan, R.; McKenzie, D.J. Anaemia only causes a small reduction in the upper critical temperature of sea bass: is oxygen delivery the limiting factor for tolerance of acute warming in fishes? 2014 217 4275-4278
Killen, S.S.; Marras, S.; McKenzie, D.J. Fast growers sprint slower: effects of food deprivation and re-feeding on sprint swimming performance in individual juvenile European sea bass 2014 217 859-865
Marras, S.; Claireaux, G.; McKenzie, D.J.; Nelson, J.A. Individual variation and repeatability in aerobic and anaerobic swimming performance of European sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax 2010 213 26-32
Dhellemmes, F.; Hansen, M.J.; Bouet, S.D.; Videler, J.J.; Domenici, P.; Steffensen, J.F.; Hildebrandt, T.; Fritsch, G.; Bach, P.; Sabarros, P.S.; Krüger, A.; Kurvers, R.H.J.M.; Krause, J. Oil gland and oil pores in billfishes: in search of a function 2020 223
Dupont-Prinet, A.; Chatain, B.; Grima, L.; Vandeputte, M.; Claireaux, G.; McKenzie, D.J. Physiological mechanisms underlying a trade-off between growth rate and tolerance of feed deprivation in the European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) 2010 213 1143-1152