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Bertrand, S.; Joo, R.; Smet, C.A.; Tremblay, Y.; Barbraud, C.; Weimerskirch, H. Local depletion by a fishery can affect seabird foraging 2012 49 1168-1177
Devictor, V.; Clavel, J.; Julliard, R.; Lavergne, S.; Mouillot, D.; Thuiller, W.; Venail, P.; Villeger, S.; Mouquet, N. Defining and measuring ecological specialization 2010 47 15-25
Juhel, J.-B.; Vigliola, L.; Mouillot, D.; Kulbicki, M.; Letessier, T.B.; Meeuwig, J.J.; Wantiez, L. Reef accessibility impairs the protection of sharks 2018 55 673-683
METCALFE, K.; VAZ, S.; ENGELHARD, G.H.; VILLANUEVA, C.-M.; SMITH, R.J.; MACKINSON, S. Evaluating conservation and fisheries management strategies by linking spatial prioritization software and ecosystem and fisheries modelling tools 2015 52 665-674
Sempo, G.; Dagorn, L.; Robert, M.; Deneubourg, J.-L. Impact of increasing deployment of artificial floating objects on the spatial distribution of social fish species 2013 50 1081-1092