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Brosse, S.; Beauchard, O.; Blanchet, S.; Dürr, H.H.; Grenouillet, G.; Hugueny, B.; Lauzeral, C.; Leprieur, F.; Tedesco, P.A.; Villeger, S.; Oberdorff, T. Fish-SPRICH: a database of freshwater fish species richness throughout the World 2013 700 343-349
De Wit, R. Microbial diversity in the Bassin d'Arcachon coastal lagoon (SW France) 2008 611 5-15
De Wit, R.; Mazouni, N.; Viaroli, P. Preface: Research and Management for the Conservation of Coastal Lagoon Ecosystems, South–North Comparisons 2012 699 1-4
De Wit, R.; Troussellier, M.; Courties, C.; Buffan-Dubau, E.; Lemaire, E. Short-term interactions between phytoplankton and intertidal seagrass vegetation in a coastal lagoon (Bassin d’Arcachon, SW France) 2012 699 55-68
Ka, S.; Mendoza-Vera, J.M.; Bouvy, M.; Champalbert, G.; N'Gom-Ka, R.; Pagano, M. Can tropical freshwater zooplankton graze efficiently on cyanobacteria ? 2012 679 119-138