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Bender, M.G.; Pie, M.R.; Rezende, E.L.; Mouillot, D.; Floeter, S.R. Biogeographic, historical and environmental influences on the taxonomic and functional structure of Atlantic reef fish assemblages 2013 22 1173-1182
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Hattab, T.; Albouy, C.; Lasram, F.B.R.; Somot, S.; Le Loc'h, F.; Leprieur, F. Towards a better understanding of potential impacts of climate change on marine species distribution: a multiscale modelling approach 2014 23 1417-1429
Krasnov, B.R.; Mouillot, D.; Shenbrot, G.I.; Khokhlova, I.S.; Poulin, R. Deconstructing spatial patterns in species composition of ectoparasite communities: the relative contribution of host composition, environmental variables and geography 2010 19 515-526