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Jacquemet, S.; Potier, M.; Ménard, F. Do drifting and anchored fish aggregating devices (FADs) similarly influence tuna feeding habits ? : a case study from the western Indian Ocean 2011 107 283-290
Joo, R.; Salcedo, O.; Gutierrez, M.; Fablet, R.; Bertrand, S. Defining fishing spatial strategies from VMS data: Insights from the world's largest monospecific fishery 2015 164 223-230
Lucena Frédou, F.; Frédou, T.; Gaertner, D.; Kell, L.; Potier, M.; Bach, P.; Travassos, P.; Hazin, F.; Ménard, F. Life history traits and fishery patterns of teleosts caught by the tuna longline fishery in the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans 2016 179 308-321
Peraltilla, S.; Bertrand, S. In situ measurements of the speed of Peruvian anchovy schools 2014 149 92-94
Pikitch, E.K.; Boersma, P.D.; Boyd, I.L.; Conover, D.O.; Cury, P.; Essington, T.E.; Heppell, S.S.; Houde, E.D.; Mangel, M.; Pauly, D.; Plaganyi, E.; Sainsbury, K.; Steneck, R.S. The strong connection between forage fish and their predators: A response to Hilborn et al. (2017) 2018 198 220-223