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Zudaire, I.; Murua, H.; Grande, M.; Pernet, F.; Bodin, N. Accumulation and mobilization of lipids in relation to reproduction of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in the Western Indian Ocean 2014 50-59
Vendeville, P.; Fadhel, H.; Magraoui, A.; Sacchi, J. Restoring the ecosystem creates wealth. The case of the Northern coast of Tunisia’s deep-water rose shrimp trawl fishery 2016 183 55-73
Van Beveren, E.; Klein, M.; Serrão, E.A.; Gonçalves, E.J.; Borges, R. Early life history of larvae and early juvenile Atlantic horse mackerel Trachurus trachurus off the Portuguese west coast 2016 183 111-118
Trygonis, V.; Georgakarakos, S.; Dagorn, L.; Brehmer, P. Spatiotemporal distribution of fish schools around drifting fish aggregating devices 2016 177 39-49
Travassos Tolotti, M.; Travassos, P.; Frédou, F.L.; Wor, C.; Andrade, H.A.; Hazin, F. Size, distribution and catch rates of the oceanic whitetip shark caught by the Brazilian tuna longline fleet 2013 143 136-142