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Dorigo, U.; Lefranc, M.; Leboulanger, C.; Montuelle, B.; Humbert, J.F. Spatial heterogeneity of periphytic microbial communities in a small pesticide-polluted river 2009 67 491-501
Durand, L.; Roumagnac, M.; Cueff-Gauchard, V.; Jan, C.; Guri, M.; Tessier, C.; Haond, M.; Crassous, P.; Zbinden, M.; Arnaud-Haond, S.; Cambon-Bonavita, M.-A. Biogeographical distribution of Rimicaris exoculata resident gut epibiont communities along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge hydrothermal vent sites 2015 91 fiv101
Elisabeth, N.H.; Caro, A.; Cesaire, T.; Mansot, J.-L.; Escalas, A.; Sylvestre, M.-N.; Jean-Louis, P.; Gros, O. Comparative modifications in bacterial gill-endosymbiotic populations of the two bivalves Codakia orbiculata and Lucina pensylvanica during bacterial loss and reacquisition 2014 89
Fouilland, E.; Mostajir, B. Complementary support for the new ecological concept of 'bacterial independence on contemporary phytoplankton production' in oceanic waters 2011 78 206-209
Fouilland, E.; Mostajir, B. Revisited phytoplanktonic carbon dependency of heterotrophic bacteria in freshwaters, transitional, coastal and oceanic waters 2010 73 419-429