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Bouvy, M.; Bettarel, Y.; Bouvier, C.; Domaizon, I.; Jacquet, S.; Le Floc'h, E.; Montanie, H.; Mostajir, B.; Sime-Ngando, T.; Torréton, J.-P.; Vidussi, F.; Bouvier, T. Trophic interactions between viruses, bacteria and nanoflagellates under various nutrient conditions and simulated climate change 2011 13 1842-1857
Caro, A.; Got, P.; Bouvy, M.; Troussellier, M.; Gros, O. Effects of long-term starvation on a host bivalve ( Codakia orbicularis , Lucinidae) and its symbiont population 2009 75 3304-3313
Chetouhi, C.; Laabir, M.; Masseret, E.; Jean, N. In silico prediction of the secretome from the invasive neurotoxic marine dinoflagellate Alexandrium catenella 2019 11 571-580
Duperthuy, M.; Binesse, J.; Le Roux, F.; Romestand, B.; Caro, A.; Got, P.; Givaudan, A.; Mazel, D.; Bachere, E.; Destoumieux-Garzon, D. The major outer membrane protein OmpU of Vibrio splendidus contributes to host antimicrobial peptide resistance and is required for virulence in the oyster Crassostrea gigas 2010 12 951-963
Escalas, A.; Bouvier, T.; Mouchet, M.A.; Leprieur, F.; Bouvier, C.; Troussellier, M.; Mouillot, D. A unifying quantitative framework for exploring the multiple facets of microbial biodiversity across diverse scales 2013 15 2642-2657