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Bijoux, J.P.; Dagorn, L.; Cowley, P.D.; Simier, M.; Adam, P.A.; Robinson, J. Spawning aggregation dynamics of brown-marbled grouper and camouflage grouper at a remote Indian Ocean atoll 2013 22 145-157
Holland, K.M.; Meyer, C.G.; Dagorn, L. Inter-animal telemetry : results from first deployment of acoustic “business card” tags 2009 10 287-293
Rabehagasoa, N.; Lorrain, A.; Bach, P.; Potier, M.; Jaquemet, S.; Richard, P.; Menard, F. Isotopic niches of the blue shark Prionace glauca and the silky shark Carcharhinus falciformis in the southwestern Indian Ocean 2012 17 83-92
Simmons, S.E.; Crocker, D.E.; Hassrick, J.L.; Kuhn, C.E.; Robinson, P.W.; Tremblay, Y.; Costa, D.P. Coupling GPS tracking with dive behavior to examine the relationship between foraging strategy and fine-scale movements of northern fur seals 2010 12 125-139