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Pete, R.; Guyondet, T.; Bec, B.; Derolez, V.; Cesmat, L.; Lagarde, F.; Pouvreau, S.; Fiandrino, A.; Richard, M. A box-model of carrying capacity of the Thau lagoon in the context of ecological status regulations and sustainable shellfish cultures 2020 426 109049
Mullon, C.; Nagurney, A. A game theoretical approach to the vertical coexistence of small and big fish 2012 240 41-48
Walker, E.; Bez, N. A pioneer validation of a state-space model of vessel trajectories (VMS) with observers' data 2010 221 2008-2017
Baklouti, M.; Chevalier, C.; Bouvy, M.; Corbin, D.; Pagano, M.; Troussellier, M.; Arfi, R. A study of plankton dynamics under osmotic stress in the Senegal River Estuary, West Africa, using a 3D mechanistic model 2011 222 2704-2721
Xing, L.; Zhang, C.; Chen, Y.; Shin, Y.-J.; Verley, P.; Yu, H.; Ren, Y. An individual-based model for simulating the ecosystem dynamics of Jiaozhou Bay, China 2017 360 120-131