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Bez, N.; Braham, C.B. Indicator variables for a robust estimation of an acoustic index of abundance 2014 71 709-718
Bez, N.; Walker, E.; Gaertner, D.; Rivoirard, J.; Gaspar, P. Fishing activity of tuna purse seiners estimated from vessels monitoring system (VMS) data 2011 68 1998-2010
Capello, M.; Bach, P.; Romanov, E. Fine-scale catch data reveal clusters of large predators in the pelagic realm 2013 70 1785-1791
Fablet, R.; Gay, P.; Peraltilla, S.; Pena, C.; Castillo, R.; Bertrand, A. Bags-of-Features for fish school cluster characterization in pelagic ecosystems : application to the discrimination of juvenile and adult anchovy (Engraulis ringens) clusters off Peru 2012 69 1329-1339
Freon, P.; Avadi, A.; Soto, W.M.; Negron, R. Environmentally extended comparison table of large-versus small- and medium-scale fisheries : the case of the Peruvian anchoveta fleet 2014 71 1459-1474