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Brochier, T.; Ecoutin, J.M.; de Morais, L.T.; Kaplan, D.M.; Lae, R. A multi-agent ecosystem model for studying changes in a tropical estuarine fish assemblage within a marine protected area 2013 26 147-158
Fonteneau, A.; Pereira, J.G. Analysis of the Daily Catch and Effort Data of the Bluefin (Thunnus Thynnus) Algarve Trap Fishery During the Years 1898–1900 2012 FirstView
Amandé, M.; Ariz, J.; Chassot, E.; Molina, A.D. de; Gaertner, D.; Murua, H.; Pianet, R.; Ruiz, J.; Chavance, P. Bycatch of the European purse seine tuna fishery in the Atlantic Ocean for the 2003-2007 period 2010 23 353-362
Duponchelle, F.; Arce, A.R.; Waty, A.; Panfili, J.; Renno, J.-F.; Farfan, F.; Garcia-Vasquez, A.; Koo, F.C.; Davila, C.G.; Vargas, G.; Ortiz, A.; Pinedo, R.; Nunez, J. Contrasted hydrological systems of the Peruvian Amazon induce differences in growth patterns of the silver arowana, Osteoglossum bicirrhosum 2012 25 55-66
d'Orbcastel, E.R.; Lemarié, G.; Breuil, G.; Petochi, T.; Marino, G.; Triplet, S.; Dutto, G.; Fivelstad, S.; Coeurdacier, J.-L.; Blancheton, J.-P. Effects of rearing density on sea bass ( Dicentrarchus labrax ) biological performance, blood parameters and disease resistance in a flow through system 2009 23 109-117