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Torres-Irineo, E.; Gaertner, D.; Molina, A.D. de; Ariz, J. Effects of time-area closure on tropical tuna purse-seine fleet dynamics through some fishery indicators 2011 24 337-350
Ky, C.L.; Vergnet, A.; Molinari, N.; Fauvel, C.; Bonhomme, F. Fitness of early life stages in F1 interspecific hybrids between Dicentrarchus labrax and D. punctatus 2012 25 67-75
Gueguen, M.; Lassus, P.; Laabir, M.; Bardouil, M.L.; Baron, R.; Sechet, V.; Truquet, P.; Amzil, Z.; Barille, L. Gut passage times in two bivalve molluscs fed toxic microalgae: Alexandrium minutum, A-catenella and Pseudo-nitzschia calliantha 2008 21 21-29
Govinden, R.; Jauhary, R.; Filmalter, J.; Forget, F.; Soria, M.; Adam, S.; Dagorn, L. Movement Behaviour of Skipjack (Katsuwonus Pelamis) and Yellowfin (Thunnus Albacares) Tuna at Anchored Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) in the Maldives, Investigated by Acoustic Telemetry 2012 FirstView
Gerlotto, F.; Jones, E.; Bez, N.; Reid, D.G. When good neighbours become good friends: observing small scale structures in fish aggregations using multibeam sonar 2010 23 143-151