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Alix, M.; Blondeau-Bidet, E.; Grousset, E.; Shiranghi, A.; Vergnet, A.; Guinand, B.; Chatain, B.; Boulo, V.; Lignot, J.-H. Effects of fasting and re-alimentation on gill and intestinal morphology and indicators of osmoregulatory capacity in genetically selected sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) populations with contrasting tolerance to fasting 2017 468 314-325
Allal, F.; Ferrari, S.; Horri, K.; Vidal, M.-O.; Ruelle, F.; Vandeputte, M.; Chatain, B.; Begout, M.-L. Heritability of Coping Styles in Farmed European Seabass 2017 472 91-91
Avadi, A.; Pelletier, N.; Aubin, J.; Ralite, S.; Nunez Rodriguez, J.; Freon, P. Comparative environmental performance of artisanal and commercial feed use in Peruvian freshwater aquaculture 2015 435 52-66
Callier, M.D.; Byron, C.J.; Bengtson, D.A.; Cranford, P.J.; Cross, S.F.; Focken, U.; Jansen, H.M.; Kamermans, P.; Kiessling, A.; Landry, T.; O'Beirn, F.; Petersson, E.; Rheault, R.B.; Strand, O.; Sundell, K.; Svasand, T.; Wikfors, G.H.; McKindsey, C.W. Attraction and repulsion of mobile wild organisms to finfish and shellfish aquaculture: a review 2018 10 924-949
Castro-Ruiz, D.; Mozanzadeh, M.T.; Fernández-Méndez, C.; Andree, K.B.; García-Dávila, C.; Cahu, C.; Gisbert, E.; Darias, M.J. Ontogeny of the digestive enzyme activity of the Amazonian pimelodid catfish Pseudoplatystoma punctifer (Castelnau, 1855) 2019 504 210-218