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Auteur (up) Lezama-Ochoa, A.; Irigoien, X.; Chaigneau, A.; Quiroz, Z.; Lebourges Dhaussy, A.; Bertrand, A. url  doi
  Titre Acoustic reveal the presence of Macrozooplankton biocline in the Bay of Biscay in response to hydrological conditions and predator-prey relationships Type Article scientifique
  Année 2014 Publication Revue Abrégée PLoS One  
  Volume 9 Numéro 2 Pages  
  Résumé Bifrequency acoustic data, hydrological measurements and satellite data were used to study the vertical distribution of

macrozooplankton in the Bay of Biscay in relation to the hydrological conditions and fish distribution during spring 2009.

The most noticeable result was the observation of a &8216;biocline&8217; during the day i.e., the interface where zooplankton biomass

changes more rapidly with depth than it does in the layers above or below. The biocline separated the surface layer, almost

devoid of macrozooplankton, from the macrozooplankton-rich deeper layers. It is a specific vertical feature which ties in

with the classic diel vertical migration pattern. Spatiotemporal correlations between macrozooplankton and environmental

variables (photic depth, thermohaline vertical structure, stratification index and chlorophyll-a) indicate that no single factor

explains the macrozooplankton vertical distribution. Rather a set of factors, the respective influence of which varies from

region to region depending on the habitat characteristics and the progress of the spring stratification, jointly influence the

distribution. In this context, the macrozooplankton biocline is potentially a biophysical response to the search for a

particular depth range where light attenuation, thermohaline vertical structure and stratification conditions together

provide a suitable alternative to the need for expending energy in reaching deeper water without the risk of being eaten.
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