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Auteur (up) Triki, H.Z.; Laabir, M.; Kéfi Daly-Yahia, O. url  doi
  Titre Life history, excystment features, and growth characteristics of the Mediterranean harmful dinoflagellate Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax Type Article scientifique
  Année 2015 Publication Revue Abrégée J. Phycol.  
  Volume 51 Numéro 5 Pages 980-989  
  Mots-Clés Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax; excystment; germling cell; Growth rate; irradiance; life cycle; resting cysts; Salinity  
  Résumé Studies considering the biology and ecology of the toxic bloom-forming species, Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax, are rare. Our results highlight five features not described before in A. pseudogonyaulax life cycle: (i) A. pseudogonyaulax gametes showed two modes of conjugation, anisogamy and isogamy, (ii) sexual conjugation occurs either in the dark or in the light phase by engulfment or a fusion process, (iii) the presence of planozygote and newly formed cysts in monoclonal culture suggests homothallism, (iv) newly formed cysts have very dark vesicular content and are mostly unparatabulated when observed under light microscope and (v) natural resting cysts are able to give either a planomeiocyte or two vegetative cells. Cyst viability was enhanced after 5 months of cold storage (4°C), with excystment rate reaching 97% after 3 d of incubation. Excystment rate was highest (43%–79%) in Enriched Natural Sea Water diluted culture medium, whereas few germling cells were able to survive without the culture medium (0%–13%). Salinity-irradiance experiments revealed that the highest cell concentrations occur at high irradiances for all the tested salinities. Vegetative growth rates generally increased with increasing irradiance, and were less dependent on salinity variations. The relatively low growth rate, low cell densities in the laboratory, and the notable capacity of producing cysts along growth phases of A. pseudogonyaulax could explain the occurrence of high resting cysts densities in the sediment of Bizerte lagoon and the relatively low abundances of vegetative cells in the water column.  
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