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Auteur (up) Genovesi, B.; Berrebi, P.; Nagai, S.; Reynaud, N.; Wang, J.; Masseret, E. url  doi
  Titre Geographic structure evidenced in the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium pacificum Litaker (A. catenella – group IV (Whedon & Kofoid) Balech) along Japanese and Chinese coastal waters Type Article scientifique
  Année 2015 Publication Revue Abrégée Marine Pollution Bulletin  
  Volume 98 Numéro 1–2 Pages 95-105  
  Mots-Clés Alexandrium pacificum (A. catenella – group IV); Harmful algal blooms; Invasive species distribution; Microsatellites markers; Temperate Asian coasts; Toxic dinoflagellate  
  Résumé Abstract

The intra-specific diversity and genetic structure within the Alexandrium pacificum Litaker (A. catenella – Group IV) populations along the Temperate Asian coasts, were studied among individuals isolated from Japan to China. The UPGMA dendrogram and FCA revealed the existence of 3 clusters. Assignment analysis suggested the occurrence of gene flows between the Japanese Pacific coast (cluster-1) and the Chinese Zhejiang coast (cluster-2). Human transportations are suspected to explain the lack of genetic difference between several pairs of distant Japanese samples, hardly explained by a natural dispersal mechanism. The genetic isolation of the population established in the Sea of Japan (cluster-3) suggested the existence of a strong ecological and geographical barrier. Along the Pacific coasts, the South–North current allows limited exchanges between Chinese and Japanese populations. The relationships between Temperate Asian and Mediterranean individuals suggested different scenario of large-scale dispersal mechanisms.
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  ISSN 0025-326x ISBN Médium  
  Région Expédition Conférence  
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  Numéro d'Appel MARBEC @ alain.herve @ collection 1352  
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