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Auteur Ben-Gharbia, H.; Yahia, O.K.-D.; Amzil, Z.; Chomerat, N.; Abadie, E.; Masseret, E.; Sibat, M.; Triki, H.Z.; Nouri, H.; Laabir, M.
Titre Toxicity and Growth Assessments of Three Thermophilic Benthic Dinoflagellates (Ostreopsis cf. ovata, Prorocentrum lima and Coolia monotis) Developing in the Southern Mediterranean Basin Type Article scientifique
Année 2016 Publication Revue Abrégée Toxins
Volume 8 Numéro 10 Pages (down) 297
Mots-Clés coastal waters; Coolia monotis; environmental-factors; growth; gulf-of-california; harmful algal blooms; marine dinoflagellate; multiple sequence alignment; new-zealand; okadaic acid; Ostreopsis cf. ovata; Prorocentrum lima; Southern Mediterranean Sea; sp-nov dinophyceae; toxicity; toxin profile
Résumé Harmful benthic dinoflagellates, usually developing in tropical areas, are expanding to temperate ecosystems facing water warming. Reports on harmful benthic species are particularly scarce in the Southern Mediterranean Sea. For the first time, three thermophilic benthic dinoflagellates (Ostreopsis cf. ovata, Prorocentrum lima and Coolia monotis) were isolated from Bizerte Bay (Tunisia, Mediterranean) and monoclonal cultures established. The ribotyping confirmed the morphological identification of the three species. Maximum growth rates were 0.59 +/- 0.08 d(-1) for O. cf. ovata, 0.35 +/- 0.01 d(-1) for C. monotis and 0.33 +/- 0.04 d(-1) for P. lima. Toxin analyses revealed the presence of ovatoxin-a and ovatoxin-b in O. cf. ovata cells. Okadaic acid and dinophysistoxin-1 were detected in P. lima cultures. For C. monotis, a chromatographic peak at 5.6 min with a mass m/z = 1061.768 was observed, but did not correspond to a mono-sulfated analogue of the yessotoxin. A comparison of the toxicity and growth characteristics of these dinoflagellates, distributed worldwide, is proposed.
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