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Auteur (up) Masroor, W.; Farcy, E.; Blondeau-Bidet, E.; Venn, A.; Tambutte, E.; Lorin-Nebel, C. doi  openurl
  Titre Effect of salinity and temperature on the expression of genes involved in branchial ion transport processes in European sea bass Type Article scientifique
  Année 2019 Publication Revue Abrégée J. Therm. Biol.  
  Volume 85 Numéro Pages Unsp-102422  
  Mots-Clés cftr anion channel; chloride channel; cod gadus-morhua; Dicentrarchus labrax; dicentrarchus-labrax; fresh-water; functional classification; Gill; h+-atpase; Ion transporter; mRNA expression; na+/k+-atpase; na+/k+/2cl(-) cotransporter; Salinity; seawater-acclimated medaka; Thermal acclimation  
  Résumé The responses of European sea bass to temperature increase and salinity decrease were investigated measuring mRNA expression levels of main genes involved in ion transport. Juvenile fish were pre-acclimated to seawater (SW) at 18 degrees C (temperate) or 24 degrees C (warm) for two weeks and then transferred for two weeks to either fresh water (FW) or SW at the respective temperature. Unlike temperate conditions, there is no change in Na+/K+-ATPase ala (nka ala) and Na+/H+ exchanger 3 (nhe3) mRNA expression following FW transfer in warm conditions. This is linked to the high expression of these genes in warm SW compared to temperate SW. Na+/Cl--cotransporter (ncc2a) expression however is increased following FW transfer in temperate and warm conditions. Main transporters involved in ion excretion (Na+/K+/2Cl-1( )cotransporter, nkcc1 and cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator, cftr) as well as nitrogen excretion (Rh-glycoproteins, rhcg1 and rhbg) and acid-base regulation (V-H+-ATPase, vha-a and b) are highly expressed in SW warm conditions vs FW warm. Overall, our results suggest a higher activation of ion transport processes in warm conditions and more strikingly in SW. This is linked to a strong interplay between diverse ion transporters in order to coordinate physiological responses at the gill level.  
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