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Auteur Triki, H.Z.; Daly-Yahia, O.K.; Malouche, D.; Komiha, Y.; Deidun, A.; Brahim, M.; Laabir, M.
Titre Distribution of resting cysts of the potentially toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax in recently-deposited sediment within Bizerte Lagoon (Mediterranean coast, Tunisia) Type Article scientifique
Année 2014 Publication Revue Abrégée Marine Pollution Bulletin
Volume 84 Numéro 1-2 Pages 172-181
Mots-Clés Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax; autocorrelation; bay; Benthic; blooms; cysts; dynamics; eutrophication; gonyaulax-excavata; gulf; Harmful algae; Mapping; Mediterranean Lagoon of Bizerte; resting cysts; Sediment characteristics; spatial-distribution; surface sediments
Résumé This study investigated the spatial distribution of Alexandrium pseudogonyaulax resting cysts in recently-deposited sediment of Bizerte lagoon (South-Western Mediterranean, Tunisia). This lagoon is the subject of many anthropogenic impacts, such as holding important fishing and aquaculture activities. A. pseudogonyaulax has been shown to produce Goniodomin A, which is a biologically-active compound. We showed that this dinoflagellate produces two types of resting cysts, which could be distinguished by the presence or the absence of a paratabulate wall. The average cyst density across the whole lagoon was rather high, reaching 639 cysts g(-1) of dry sediment (DS). Cyst densities varied widely among the sampled stations, with the highest density of 1685 cyst g(-1) DS being recorded at station 51 near a mussel farm. With respect to sediment characteristics, the highest cyst densities were found within silty sediments with high water content values. The distribution of A. pseudongoyaulax cysts in Bizerte lagoon appears to be related to hydrodynamic factors. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Notes <p>ISI Document Delivery No.: AL0GF<br/>Times Cited: 0<br/>Cited Reference Count: 45<br/>Triki, Habiba Zmerli Daly-Yahia, Ons Kefi Malouche, Dhafer Komiha, Yosr Deidun, Alan Brahim, Mouldi Iaabir, Mohamed<br/>JEAI ECO-BIZ (Jeune Equipe Associee, Ecologie de la lagune de Bizerte) program – IRD (Institut Francais pour la Recherche et le Developpement), IRD; TOTAL Foundation<br/>This work benefitted from financial supports from the JEAI ECO-BIZ (Jeune Equipe Associee, Ecologie de la lagune de Bizerte) program funded by IRD (Institut Francais pour la Recherche et le Developpement), IRD also funded 2 months stay of Dr. Mohamed Laabir in Tunis (INAT). Thanks to TOTAL Foundation for funding LAGUNOTOX project which supported financially the stay of Mrs Triki-Zmerli in Montpellier.<br/>Pergamon-elsevier science ltd<br/>Oxford</p> Approuvé pas de
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