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Auteur (up) Alves-Junior, F. de A.; Bertrand, A.; Camara de Araujo, M. de A.L.; de Carvalho Paiva, R.J.; de Souza-Filho, J.F.
Titre First Report of the Ectoparasitic Isopod, Holophryxus acanthephyrae Stephensen 1912 (Cymothoida: Dajidae) in the South Atlantic: Recovered from a New Host, the Deep-Sea Shrimp, Acanthephyra acanthitelsonis Spence Bate, 1888 Type Article scientifique
Année 2019 Publication Revue Abrégée Thalassas
Volume 35 Numéro 1 Pages 13-15
Mots-Clés Brazilian waters; Deep-sea shrimp; epicaridea; genus; Isopods; Parasitism; Rocas Atoll
Résumé The crustacean family of isopods, Dajidae, comprises 18 genera containing 54 species with widespread distribution. The species of this family are ectoparasites, especially on euphausiids, mysids and shrimps. The species of Holophryxus acanthephyrae has a life cycle involving a first intermediate host (copepod) and a definitive host (shrimp), and adheres particularly on deep-sea shrimps of genus Acanthephyra. Here, we make the first report of dajid isopod Holophryxus acanthephyrae from Brazilian waters (South Atlantic) and the first occurrence as parasite on deep-sea shrimp Acanthephyra acanthitelsonis. The specimen was collected under the framework of the project ABRACOS 2 (Acoustic along the BRazilian COast), on board of R/V Antea in April 2017, using a Micronekton net (mesh size of 10mm) in Rocas Atoll. The specimen female of Holophryxus acanthephyrae was found in pelagic zone in Rocas Atoll, at 630m depth. This study increases the knowledge on Dajidae family and their host range.
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