28octobre 2016

Papua to Yap on the Damai Dua : Diving in style at the ends of the earth

Par: Robert F. Myers SeaClicks / Coral Graphics Lieu: Salle de réunion, 1er étage Bâtiment 24, Campus Triolet, Montpellier

My talk will be in two parts. The first very short, is a brief overview of the Coral reef fish atlas and database project setting up at MARBEC and my contribution to it. The second part will be a photographic journey :-Papua to Yap on the Damai Dua. The trip starts out in a very unique place, a hotspot of endemism very near one of two competing "centers" of the center of diversity in the coral triangle. From there it takes us to the world’s most diverse insular coral reef region, the Palau Islands and Yap. While this was an ’ecotoruism’ trip, for me it was also work as I am always on the lookout for new records as well as completing my photographic documentation of coral reef species. Our boat has also been used by Gerry Allen and Mark Erdmann for their Conservation International survey work in the region the results of which are incorporated into the Atlas database.
Papua to Yap on the Damai Dua : Diving in style at the ends of the earth


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