Observation Observatories and information systems

Representatives : Valérie Derolez (Ifremer) and Angélique Jadaud (Ifremer)

In ecology, the observation-research interaction stands first in a chronological framework in which the observation precedes any research process, since data production phases coming from the observation of the environment and the measures of conditions ‘change, is a prerequisite for processing and analysis.
The UMR is in charge of various durable observation missions, contributing to research and expertise on the state of coastal and marine ecosystems, marine biodiversity and the impact of human activities exploiting this biodiversity.

A total of 18 observatories or networks are registered in the UMR (see table description below : "Inventory of Marbec observatories"). Eleven of them are coordinated by the UMR. For the others, the UMR insures the follow-up missions but the coordination is handled outside the unit.

Some observatories are detailed in online posters on this page (PELMED and MEDITS posters).

MARBEC MARine Biodiversity, Exploitation and Conservation, is a research unit which includes the staff of 4 organizations: IRD, IFREMER, UM and CNRS. Its objective is the study of marine biodiversity in lagoon coastal and offshore ecosystems, at different integration levels, molecular, individual, population and community aspects and the way humans use this biodiversity.