16March 2017

Hill’s diversity: a general framework to address marine biodiversity management issues

Par: Grégoire Certain, Ifremer, UMR MARBEC, Sete Lieu: Mont St-Clair room, Ifremer Station, avenue Jean Monnet, Sete

The aim of biodiversity statistics is to propose measures based on field data that can quickly summarize the diversity-related features of a community. These measures have been the focus of sustained ecological research since the 20th century, leading to a large variety of concepts and metrics. This can be perceived as problematic in a management context where biodiversity-based metrics can be dismissed to the benefit of species-based indicators. To support the use of biodiversity statistics for management, a more consistent and unified framework is needed.
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MARBEC MARine Biodiversity, Exploitation and Conservation, is a research unit which includes the staff of 4 organizations: IRD, IFREMER, UM and CNRS. Its objective is the study of marine biodiversity in lagoon coastal and offshore ecosystems, at different integration levels, molecular, individual, population and community aspects and the way humans use this biodiversity.