Looking for an internship in our UMR? See offers below:
< 2months:

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De 6 mois :

Master 2 level :

  • Evolutionary physiological shifts during saline to freshwater invasions by the copepod Eurytemora affinis complex. Offer provided
  • Accumulation kinetics and impacts of V.rugosum and its toxins (Pinnatoxins and Portimin) on different marine organisms (Bivalve molluscs and planktonophagous fishes). Offer provided
  • Conservation of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VME) in the Mediterranean Sea: indicator species distribution models and assessment of fishery risk of impact. Offer provided
  • Combinaison de modèles de distribution d’espèces de thons tropicaux et d’espèces accessoires vulnérables pour définir des strates spatio-temporelles d’interdiction de pêche sous DCP afin de préserver la biodiversité de l’écosystème hauturier de l’Océan Atlantique tropical. Offer provided

If none of these offers meet your expectations, you can consult the 8 topics of our unit and send a speculative job application via the form online, enclosing a CV and a cover letter.

MARBEC MARine Biodiversity, Exploitation and Conservation, is a research unit which includes the staff of 4 organizations: IRD, IFREMER, UM and CNRS. Its objective is the study of marine biodiversity in lagoon coastal and offshore ecosystems, at different integration levels, molecular, individual, population and community aspects and the way humans use this biodiversity.